Lost and Found

On the poster-sized post-it calendar on my living room wall, I called this “the Month of Jetlag … or How to Write a Prospectus at 30,000 Feet.” And, though I am no closer to clearing that particular academic hurdle than I was a month ago, JetBlue’s “all-you-can-jet” pass has proven quite an adventure. Here’s a quick recap:

Number of Flights: 20
Miles Flown: 39,248


  • 1 black half-zip REI layer jacket
  • 1 pair of fuzzy green slipper socks
  • 3 sets of miniature shampoo/conditioner bottles
  • 1 set of scriptures (left with CouchSurfing host on first NYC visit)
  • 1 Pilot G-tech C4 pen. Dangit.
  • Cell phone (temporarily—on the seat of the car that had just dropped me off at the airport—thanks JetBlue ladies and Jessi)
  • A couple hundred hours of sleep 🙂


  • A new allergy
  • How to walk on a fractured foot
  • The best place to spend the night in JFK.
  • Not the best place to spend the night in LGB.
  • 1 set of scriptures (delivered to airport by CouchSurfing host last night in NYC-thanks, Julie!)
  • A fantastic spot for home-made whole-wheat vegetarian pizza in Portland
  • Great 4/$1 dumplings in Chinatown in New York
  • The “historic nub” of Boston (and it only took about 2 hours to get there…from across the highway)
  • Increased appreciation for the designers of public transportation systems
  • Half a dozen fantastic organizations with whom to collaborate on a social entrepreneurship curriculum
  • Great new vocabulary words like “sector agnostic” (more on that later)
  • About a hundred follow-up emails to write

I’ll be attempting a return to “normal” life this week and anticipate blogging will be an integral part of processing this past month. Stay  tuned.


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