Vibrant Young Social Venture Seeks…


Things with Tipping Bucket are, well, typical…I think. Bursts of excitement that keep me up at night dreaming of trips to Boston to interview fellowship candidates and trips to Botswana to interview newly-trained midwives interspersed with nights where I feel like the massive parasite of doubt and indecision writhing in my gut will certainly finish me off by morning.

Mostly it’s somewhere between the two. And lately I feel like there are so many “next steps” that I spend most days playing the social entrepreneurship edition of DDR; stomping around, mostly off-rythm, ending up right where I started, but really tired.

So, here are a few of the hats I wish fit me and the “next steps” I could use some help with…

HR Master

  • Develop policies for hiring, performance reviews, etc.
  • Create job descriptions for employee and volunteer positions

Market Analysis Wizard

  • Create target market profiles/personas
  • Conduct market sizing research

Development Guru

  • Outline a “prospects list” management strategy
  • Build foundations prospects list
  • Build individuals prospects list
  • Develop fund raising action plan

Technical Sensei

  • Research/recommend/configure CRM solution for prospects list management
  • Research/recommend partner for project sites construction and maintenance

PR Genie

  • Outline TippingBucket launch PR strategy
  • Outline tTB branding strategy
  • Create messaging guidelines
  • Write press releases
  • Generate/refine messaging and content for the website (how it works, about us, etc.)

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