Standing on the Shoulders of Giants–at least for an hour!

They call it Power Hour–after-school tutoring for at-risk kids–and it works wonders. Connects kids to positive role models, keeps them of the streets and passing algebra, and fosters social adjustment and self-esteem.

I figure I could use a little tutoring (not to mention positive role models who understand the “algebra” that is the intersection of business, social change, technology and media) to prepare for some of Tipping Bucket’s next adventures. So, I’m launching my very own PowerHour!

This next week will be a big jump-start, but I plan on 1/week into the foreseeable future. For now, we’ll meet on BYU campus; Tanner Building W139 conference room. Come in person if you can, but Skype can work wonders for you geniuses outside “happy valley.”

Here’s the tentative lineup for next week (starting the 13th).

MON: Target Market/Market Sizing
TUES: Branding/Messaging/PR
WED: Social Media Strategy
THUR: Development (Prospects List/CRM)
FRI: Strategic Partnerships

Please leave me comments with the topics you’re interested in, your broad availability next week, your lunch/snack suggestions… and vote here on the best time slot for you going forward.

Let’s see if this works as well as it does for the 4th graders!


3 responses to “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants–at least for an hour!

  1. great idea SJ. I’m on campus Tuesday/Wednesday and could do either day before 10 AM or after 3:30 PM. If you wind up selecting one of those times, let me know…

  2. Hi SaraJoy,
    Perhaps Thursday might work for me, but I can talk with you about whatever topic you think might be most helpful to you.

  3. Joan

    So, I’m a week behind on reading my e-mail. But I voted for some times. What have you decided about when meetings are happening? I’m in the office today, so you can send me a regular e-mail.


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