This is my new vocab for the week. You can find it here. But in case you happen to lack a somewhat-less-than-engaging class during which to search through all the comments for the explanation, I’ll just tell you.

Going hockeysticks describes a period of radically accellerated (usually positive) change. Think of a hockey stick as it’s held by a player. Something, anything really, putters along at a fairly stable, respectable rate for a while and then [BAM!] it takes off on a completely (often exponetially) different trajectory.

YouTube videos hockeystick. Kudzu hockeysticks. Last summer, gas prices hockey…stuck?  Female hormone levels hockeystick about once a month. The US economy is definitely not hockeysticking. You get the picture…

Anyway, the analogy probably isn’t perfect. But, I can definitely think of some things I’d like to go hockeysticks right now.


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