Orphan-ish Contribution to the Open Initiative at CTL

David made me do it…

With more than 20 FTE of talented instructional designers and production experts supported by more than 100 student employees, BYU’s Center for Teaching and Learning is a powerful force supporting the university’s mission to “develop students of faith, intellect, and character who have the skills and the desire to continue learning and to serve others throughout their lives.” The high-quality learning objects produced at the walk-in center and the sophisticated interactive environments, assessment instruments, and instructional efficiency tools developed in cooperation with the center’s teaching and learning consultants deepen students’ understanding of crucial principles and help them connect and apply that understanding throughout their education and their lives.

We propose a three-pronged initiative of openness at the CTL:
• First, upload the best and brightest of CTL learning objects to seed an institutional repository so (for example) students can explore ancient Egyptian architecture to prepare for their art history exam, even though the animation was originally created for a literature course.
• Secondly, adopt a default open license on materials created using CTL resources so that repository will continue to grow in breadth and quality.
• And finally, position the center as a materials creation collaboration hub, channeling resources created by other instructors and students (Graphic Design assignments to create info-graphics, Biology power-point presentations on genetic disorders, Videos of physics demonstrations from an Engineering course) into the growing BYU OER library.

With openly licensed BYU learning objects available to students in Provo and across continents, the openness initiative at the Center for Teaching and Learning will take the oft-quoted catch phrase so particularly true of BYU to a new level—“The world is our campus.”


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