So You Think You Can License?

Because this assignment is already 2 weeks late, because you can already read great summaries here, here, here, and–oh yeah–here, and because (despite his assertions) I just can’t believe that David actually wants to read another explanation of creative commons licenses…

Test your knowledge on a couple of fun licensing scenarios here. (Tried to do it with polls inside WordPress, not much luck…told you I wasn’t an artisan) I’ll post the results on Monday.


3 responses to “So You Think You Can License?

  1. Hey! I wanted to see if I was right! I mean, I got my results from the GRE right as I walked out… but I don’t get to find out if my CC knowledge is up to snuff? 😦

  2. Phenomenal!!! This might be even more fun than the card game! I think I got 100%…looking forward to the results. It helped me see where my knowledge lacked. For example, I was a little unclear about the distinction between revise and remix.

  3. SJ, this is a fabulous contribution! Late or not, extra XP for this assignment. (6/5)

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