I Love StoryCorps!

If today is one of those days when you just need to be reminded that laughter is good, life goes on and love is possible, take a couple minutes to hear Ben and Bernice talk about their first date back in 1946. Made my morning.

2 responses to “I Love StoryCorps!

  1. I knew we were soul mates. I think this is one of the greatest projects going on in our country right now.

  2. Amy

    Hello from StoryCorps! Thanks so much for posting about us; hearing the reactions to these stories is so often as touching and inspiring as listening to the stories themselves! Our New York Times Bestseller “Listening Is An Act of Love,” recently came out in paperback, and is also a great way to explore and revisit the stories participants have shared with each other in our booths.

    For your readers who are interested in recording their own stories, or that of a loved one, we are also launching a new initiative to make conducting these interviews easier. This November 28th, the day after Thanksgiving, StoryCorps is launching the first-ever National Day of Listening. We’re asking Americans to set aside an hour to record a conversation with a friend, family member, or loved one. We’ve launched a separate website (http://www.nationaldayoflistening.org) with more tools and tips, a downloadable guide, and an instructional video for recording family and friends the day after Thanksgiving and beyond. Thanks again for helping us build a movement to honor the people in our lives through listening to them!


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