You might be an early adopter if…

As if we needed more evidence that the education field has not, shall we say, fully capitalized on the potential of web analytics to improve instructional design and learning, I offer the following observations, in no particular order, from my recent search permutations on the subject:

  • #1 most common result: companies offering education and training on the subject of web analytics.
  • Second; pundits, bloggers and reporters bemoaning the dearth of educated web analyzers.
  • Next, a paper exploring what looks like an independently-designed user behavior tracking program for use in distance education evaluation. [If it turns out to be interesting, more later…]
  • Also, a big-news announcement that the world’s largest education company has chosen Omniture to help them optimize….their international marketing efforts.
  • Finally, Joseph’s post. Really insightful brainstorm on the subject and #3 in the google results for “web analytics in education”

This is not to say that there’s nothing out there…just interesting to see where the focus is right now–and just how much room there is for innovation in this area.


One response to “You might be an early adopter if…

  1. That’s great the EF Education First has contracted with our Utah-based Omniture! Web analytics are going to be incredibly important to our future as the web becomes an even a greater connecting device to EVERYTHING in our lives!

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