Welcome to Fall semester 2008

Boy this one has hit me upside the head. There are at least a half-dozen plausible explanations, but frankly I am too behind at the moment to make excuses.

I’m back at BYU. Taking some fabulous classes from some truly remarkable professors, [some others of whom have yet to develop much of a web presence :)] In several of said fabulous classes, we’ve been asked to blog [or journal] our way through the semester, beginning as always with introductions. In the interest of time, and space in your feed-readers, I am going to attempt to cover all of these introductions under the following title: “What My Fall08 Semester Schedule Says About Me”

The first thing you’ll likely notice is that all the course numbers in my schedule start with a 5, 6, or 7. That’s because I am a grad student.

Next, you’ll notice that there are quite a few of them…probably more than any reasonable person would take, and probably more than my wise advisors advised. That’s because I am crazy…and sometimes not very good at taking advise.

Then, you might be puzzled as to why half of the classes start with MBA, and half with IPT. This is because I do much better with people than things, or even ideas, and I’m fascinated by courses like “Third World Development,” “Designing and Leading Teams,” and “Power, Influence and Negotiation.” I want to change the world.

Knowing that, some of the other courses might puzzle you still more; “Web Analytics” and “New Media and Learning” for example. I’m taking these courses because I am repenting. For years now, I have quite purposefully, and I might now say rather arrogantly and short-sightedly, passed off all responsibility for the 1’s and 0’s side of all this remarkable technology to someone else…anyone else. I recognize now that I have a responsibility of basic technological literacy that I have let slide in the name of “doing what you’re good at,” and I am really trying to eat crow fresh…plus, the courses are actually very interesting.

Lastly, though I don’t think you could get this from the schedule, Fall 2008 says that I still love to learn. I love being challenged. I love feeling my brain stretch when someone suggests a perspective I’ve never thought of. I love the way that all the truths from metatags to metaphysics somehow weave themselves together into my heart and change me. I love the power and potential of this community I’ve been welcomed into. It’s going to be a great game.


2 responses to “Welcome to Fall semester 2008

  1. SaraJoy, I’m right there with you. I love to learn so much that I’m a little concerned about addiction.

    Anyway, I noticed that you are taking a course on “Power, Influence and Negotiation” and I was wondering if you’d read the book Influencer yet?

  2. As long as you can hang on to your desire to change the world, you won’t have any problems staying motivated for class. And we won’t have to worry about your grades, either. =)

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